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A group combines the presence of peers with the involvement of a professional. We help people identify and express feelings in the group setting, where they can receive emotional support and feedback given by peers while feeling safe in the therapeutic environment.

We currently gathering interest for group therapy and hope to start group therapy in mid/late March 2021.

All those interested in a therapy group need to have an individual intake appointment where you and the clinician can decide if the group is a good fit for you. The intake session for group therapy is if not covered by your insurance is $80. If group is appropriate for you, the group session rate afterwards is $30 if not covered by insurance. All group participants must be in ongoing therapy as well within our practice.

If you are interested please complete our appointment request form and indicate your interest in group therapy.

While we hope to have several different types of groups in the future, the first group(s) will be focused on addressing stress, day-to-day concerns and work towards developing coping strategies and improving self-expression and interpersonal relations.

Group Therapy for Adults

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